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Diego Guzmán is a composer born and raised in Guatemala, who specialices in writing music for visual media such as film, television, trailers, videogames and commercials. Diego has a Bachelor’s Degree in Music from Universidad del Valle de Guatemala (Del Valle University of Guatemala) and a Master’s Degree from Pulse College in association with the Dublin Institute of Technology. Diego is currently based in Guatemala, but has also lived in both Ireland and the United States.

Diego has thus far written music for five corporate videos and commercials, ten short films, one videogame and one stage play. Four of the short films he has scored have been selected for screening in film festivals in Guatemala, Ireland and the United States, including the California Independent Film Festival (CAIFF), earning 5th place from over 200 applicants in the 2017 yearly film scoring competition.

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The Freeman Chronicles – A videogame-inspired short film.

Based on the beloved videogame franchise, Half-Life, the folks over at Chariotdrive have created the second instalment of this series of short films, starring the iconic Gordon Freeman. Directed by Ian James Duncan, The Freeman Chronicles Episode Two (part one) had its original score written by Diego. Have a look and listen below! Part 2 coming …

California Independent Film Festival (CAIFF) award

Recently, the results of the annual California Independent Film Festival (CAIFF) film scoring competition were announced. Diego earned fifth place from over 200 applicants from all over the world. The judges on this year’s panel were industry professionals Andrew Edwards, Heather McIntosh, Greg Allan and Joe Kraemer.

Follow the Dead

Diego is slated to compose the score to the upcoming independent Irish feature zombie feature film, Follow the Dead, which is currently in production and being directed by director Adam William Cahill. Check out the official poster below.   The film is set to be released on Halloween of this year.  


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